We endorse JCI’s new proposal for a decarbonized society

We hereby announce that we have endorsed the Japan Climate Initiative’s (JCI) JCI Declaration, “Achieving 40-50% Renewable Electricity by 2030”.

  • The full text of the JCI Declaration is here:
  • About the Japan Climate Initiative (JCI)
    JCI is a network of companies, local governments, organizations, NGOs, and other non-governmental organizations that are actively working to address climate change, established in July 2018 with the aim of realizing a decarbonized society. With CDP Worldwide-Japan, the Japan Renewable Energy Foundation, and the World Wide Fund for Nature Japan (WWF Japan) as its secretariat, JCI is promoting initiatives aimed at bringing Japan to the forefront of the global effort to decarbonize, As of July 4, 2024, 812 organizations, including 616 companies and 40 local governments, are participating. For more information, visit https://japanclimate.org/.
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