Renewable energy

About renewable energy

Growing cost advantage of renewable energy sources

Renewable energy is expected to become an economically superior and stable power source, unaffected by the risk of resource price hikes, and its utilization is expected to be promoted.

Electricity prices have risen significantly due to tight power supply and soaring resource prices. While this trend is likely to continue, the cost of generating power from renewable energy sources continues to decline. They are also unaffected by resource price spikes.

Wind power sources beginning to be removed

Wind power has been built since around 2000, before the start of the FIT, but has already begun to be decommissioned or removed, and is expected to increase further in the future.

There is approximately 2.5 MW of wind power installed under the RPS method before 2012, when the FIT program began, and facilities built in the early 2000s have begun to be decommissioned or removed.

Long-term power demand for renewable energy sources

There is a risk that a large number of power sources that reach the end of their FIT periods will be disposed of after 2020 for wind power and after 2032 for solar power.

In order to prevent facilities from being decommissioned because they cannot continue their business due to the end of the buyback period, it is necessary to turn valuable renewable energy power sources into long-term power sources by securing a place to sell the power.